Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Justin Bieber Birthday - Justin Turns 17-Years-Old Today - Asks Fans For Charity Donations

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Today (March 1) is Justin Bieber's birthday and his fans have send him birthday cards and plenty of happy birthday tweets on Twitter. So what is the singer doing for his 17th birthday? Rumor has it that he will be spending time with his girlfriend Selena Gomez. Since Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have officially gone public with their relationship there is nothing stopping the couple from spending public time together. Since the couple has all the money they need to have fun, the sky is the limit for Jusin Bieber's birthday. 

Justin Bieber's Birthday Wish

Bieber has everything he needs and wants to make a difference in the world, so he is asking his fans to please donate to Charity: Water for his birthday. The goal is to raise $17,000 for clean water for families living in underdeveloped villages. Over 4,000 children die each year because they do not have clean drinking water. Justin Bieber hopes the donations will help more kids grow up healthy so they can have their own 17th birthdays. You can find out more about Justin Bieber by checking out his biography or searching for the latest Bieber news on this website. 

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