Saturday, March 5, 2011

Never Say Never Making History

Justin Bieber's 2011 movie "Never Say Never" is making history. The documentary film has already earned a whopping 64 million dollars and Bieber is currently in third place for the highest grossing documentary of all time. He even beat out Al Gore's famous documentary "An Inconvenient Truth." Now that's amazing!

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Justin Bieber's Pray Music Video

Justin Bieber is always looking for a way to help people in need, and this music video shows just how much he cares about everyone around him.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Justin Bieber Sells Hair for $40,668 on eBay

Justin Bieber couldn't keep his long hairstyle forever and the star found a way to use his big haircut for charity. Justin Bieber saved his hair during his recent haircut and sent it to Ellen DeGeneres to sell in a charity auction. The eBay auction was held to raise money for the animal rescue foundation "The Gentle Barn." The winner of the auction gets more than just Bieber locks, they also get to meet Justin Bieber in person when he appears on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

If Justin Bieber cutting off his hair meant the end was near, then the fact that those sheared-off locks just sold for $40,668 on EBay must mean the end is actually here. Nobody knows who the winner of the eBay auction is just yet, but the world will find out soon when they appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with Justin Bieber.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Justin Bieber Birthday - Justin Turns 17-Years-Old Today - Asks Fans For Charity Donations

Photo By: Daniel Ogren Photography
Today (March 1) is Justin Bieber's birthday and his fans have send him birthday cards and plenty of happy birthday tweets on Twitter. So what is the singer doing for his 17th birthday? Rumor has it that he will be spending time with his girlfriend Selena Gomez. Since Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have officially gone public with their relationship there is nothing stopping the couple from spending public time together. Since the couple has all the money they need to have fun, the sky is the limit for Jusin Bieber's birthday. 

Justin Bieber's Birthday Wish

Bieber has everything he needs and wants to make a difference in the world, so he is asking his fans to please donate to Charity: Water for his birthday. The goal is to raise $17,000 for clean water for families living in underdeveloped villages. Over 4,000 children die each year because they do not have clean drinking water. Justin Bieber hopes the donations will help more kids grow up healthy so they can have their own 17th birthdays. You can find out more about Justin Bieber by checking out his biography or searching for the latest Bieber news on this website. 

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Justin Bieber Biography - When Is Justin Bieber's Birthday?

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Although he has only lived sixteen years, a Justin Bieber biography would be packed with exciting information. Born on March 1, 1994 in Canada to a teen mother, Justin lived in a working class neighborhood as his mother worked tirelessly at low wage jobs to support him. Although his fame and money mean that his life now is vastly different from his meager childhood, he can credit much of his current success to his humble roots.

As any biography of Justin Bieber will tell you, he did not have a lot of contact with his father while growing up. His mother, however, encouraged his musical training. He learned to play the piano as well as the drums, the guitar and even a trumpet. His mother would make videos of him playing and upload them to You Tube. Those videos were primarily intended for family members that is a far cry from the Justin Bieber website that dominates the internet now. However, luckily an agent named Scooter Braun stumbled onto one of his videos. He immediately realized Justin's immense talent. He flew to Canada and convinced the then thirteen-year-old Justin to come with him and meet Usher.

Then, Justin's career really began to soar. He had his first single called One Time. It got to the top ten in his native country and was a top song in many other countries as well. When he finally came out with his debut album, it was a hit. In fact, he was the only artist ever to have 7 songs from his debut to hit the Top 100 on the Billboard charts. According to one biography of Justin Bieber, he has won the Artist of the Year from the American Music Awards. In addition, he was nominated for the Best New Artist at the Grammy's, and his album was nominated as the Best Pop Vocal Album.

Many books will be written about his life, and a good Justin Bieber biography will discuss his Christian beliefs and how they affect his career and life. In the meantime, fans can visit their favorite Justin Bieber website to see what the star is currently doing and achieving.

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