Thursday, February 24, 2011

How Much Money Does Justin Bieber Have Anyway?

Many Justin Bieber fans wonder, how much money does Justin Bieber have? Although he has millions his money is managed and controlled by his mother. Justin is on an allowance and receives a set amount of money once a month. He is learning really fast how to budget the money he gets, as if he spends it all in the first week, he will be broke for three weeks. Justin has not always had the luxury of having money as when he was young his parents split up and there was not a lot of money to go around.

So how rich is Justin Bieber? How rich Justin Bieber is, is a question that probably only his mother could answer but likely it would be around 60 million USD. Having had his first single “One Time” making over $250,000 alone in 2009 along with everything else he has done since such as sold out concerts and all the products that he endorses, it is safe to say that Justin Bieber is super rich. What could be better than being young, rich and ultra famous?

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