Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Some Thoughts on Justin Bieber’s Love Cover

Justin Bieber's Vanity Fair cover was only the beginning. The teenage pop phenomenon has affirmatively infiltrated the fashion magazine world, snagging the alternative cover to Kate Moss and Lea T's version of Love's androgynous issue. Terry Richardson shot the 16 year-old, whose gender seems to have saved him from the photographer's sexually-hyped signature. Here are some burning questions I had when I came across the cover:

What is with the robotic-borderline-serial-killer expression?

Will someone hire him a real hair stylist?

Why is he on Love's androgynous cover?

Why is on any fashion magazine cover, for that matter?

Why ever is the phrase "The Beautiful One" written beneath his name?

Can everyone please get over Bieber Fever already?

Of course, if you're one of those girls still under Bieber's spell, you'd probably want to know that the issue hits newsstands on February 7 -- appropriately, a week from Valentine's Day.

Source: ChicDish

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