Friday, January 14, 2011

See Justin Bieber’s Return to Televisions Show CSI

You won’t want to miss this episode of “CSI” Crime Scene Investigation to air February 17th, 2011, because Justin Bieber will be guest starring. In his first appearance, which was his acting debut, Justin played Jason McCann, a troubled teen that had to make a huge decision regarding his only brother. After seeing all the problems that arose when he had huge confrontations with the CSI team members after his TV brother had been shot just may now be resolved in this new episode called Targets of Obsession when Jason calls Nick (George Eads) as he is in danger. You won’t want to miss this follow-up episode as Justin showed us another talented side of himself in September of 2010 when he started acting.
While filming the show Justin had breathing problems due to an allergic reaction that landed him into Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank California on January 12th. He was immediately treated, is now doing fine, has been released and is now back on the set filming CSI. Make sure to tune into CSI on Thursday night February 17th on CBS to see what the outcome is for Jason McCann played by Justin Bieber.

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