Monday, January 10, 2011

No Justin Bieber Glee Tribute Episode

Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy has dismissed rumours that he is planning a Justin Bieber-themed tribute episode, claiming there will be no more artist specials this season.

Despite reports claiming that Glee producers had planned to dedicate an episode of the hit US TV show to the Baby hitmaker, Murphy explained that instead, a Bieber song will be used as a "small part" in one instalment of the programme.

Speaking to American celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton, Murphy revealed: "Glee is NOT doing a Justin Bieber tribute episode,"

"We are not doing any more of those this season. Those are reserved for artists with a big catalogue, ala Madonna and Britney Spears, etc."

He added: "We are doing an episode where Sam (Chord Overstreet) sings a Bieber song to win Quinn (Dianna Agron) back ... and copies his hairstyle, etc.,"

"But it's a small part of a big episode that has a LOT of other things going on."

Murphy also admitted that a new episode of Glee is set to feature Lady GaGa's new single, Born This Way, ahead of her eagerly awaited LP's release date in May.


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