Sunday, January 23, 2011

News-Justin Bieber’s Cut Priced at $750!

I almost bought myself a pair of neoprene knee sleeve when I tripped down the stairs when I heard that Justin Bieber’s haircut costs $750!!!!

Who in the hell pay for a haircut that the world is making fun of?

I know if you have a money you can just buy everything that you want but with a mop-top hairstyle, I would say "No Thanks!".

Justin Bieber attended the Golden Globe Awards last week and the singer showed up with a cool suit but paired it up with some kicks. Bieber was noticed with a new tousled look which is more texturized than his usual.

"I usually cut [Justin's] hair every couple of weeks when he’s on tour",Price says, adding that she charges around $750 every time she makes a house call to trim his infamous ‘do.

I would still say, "No Thank you".

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