Sunday, January 16, 2011

Justin Bieber’s out of Control Fans

One thing that probably stands out the most when you think of Justin Bieber is his screaming girl fans, aged 8-12. With a massive internet fan base, it’s no surprise that Justin is so popular. However, this obsession with Justin Bieber is just getting to be a little too much as a fan who tried to give Justin Bieber supposedly threw a water bottle at the singer’s head during a concert for US radio station 107.9 The End in December 2009. 

Video footage of the incident was posted on YouTube, which instantly became viral. Within a few days, countless other duplicate videos were on YouTube, autotune remix videos, videos of YouTube celebrities and Justin Bieber fans stating their views on the incident and comical pictures of Justin Bieber getting hit by a water bottle were all over the web. The reason as to why it took so long for the video to be posted online is unclear, but some have suggested that the radio station may have tried to cover up the incident to avoid bad publicity.

TMZ praised Justin Bieber’s reaction to getting hit in the head by a water bottle, because he “took it like a man”. According to the TMZ website, “instead of crying or whining, he proceeds like nothing ever happened”. It can be seen in the video, after the water bottle hits his head, Bieber turns away for a second as the crowd gasps in horror. Composing himself, he says “Ow, that didn’t feel good. I don’t know why she just threw that at me.” and proceeds to continue the performance. His reaction was very mature and he took it like a professional.

The identity of the person who threw the object at Bieber is unknown. It was later discovered that the object thrown at him was a packet of sour patch kids candy, not a water bottle and could have been a gift from a fan desperate enough to throw it at Justin Bieber during the concert.

This is not the first incident of fans going beserk over the teen pop sensation. Recently, a concert in Sydney was cancelled by the Sydney police due to crowd control problems. Apparently, several children were injured in the crowd crush in Sunrise Studio in Martin Place. Justin Bieber decided to do an impromptu performance of his song, “Baby” before telling his fans that the show had to end.

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