Thursday, January 6, 2011

Justin Bieber Vaults into 2nd on Twitter List!

Justin Bieber has passed Britney Spears and sits second with the most Twitter followers. Lady Gaga still leads and Barack Obama is fourth.

Justin Bieber is now the planet's second most twittered human as on Tuesday Jan. 4 2011 he vaulted past Britney Spears in the Most Twitter Followers category. Bieber sits now right in behind the leader, Stefani Germanotta, a.k.a. Lady Gaga. Spears is now in third.

Both Gaga and Bieber are hot commodities that have taken off in 2010 as Famecount, an online site that tabulates such statistics, notes that Lady Gaga herself only overtook Spears in August of 2010 and that Bieber, who at this moment sits at 6,514,615 followers, had only one million at the start of that year.

Counting Fame: Barack Obama Behind Justin Bieber
Famecount's website says that it "...aims to help you locate and connect with the Stars in each of the major social networks (currently Facebook, Twitter and YouTube)" and that it is an independent company and not affiliated with Twitter, Youtube, Facebook or any service.

The Twitter graph kept at Famecount shows that out of the Top Ten being followed by Twitter users on Earth, seven are women. Bieber is keeping pretty good company on the chart as another male making the top ten happens to be the U.S. President, Barack Obama, who sits in fourth place, as of this writing with 6,225,466 Twitter followers. Ashton Kutcher is the other male in the top ten in fifth.

Other women in that top ten are actress Kim Kardashian (6th), Ellen DeGeneres (7th), Katy Perry (8th), Taylor Swift (9th) and Oprah Winfrey (10th). Selena Gomez, recently seen in photographs in a bikini getting cozy with Bieber on a yacht - reportedly in St. Lucia, Bermuda - is down the list in 19th.

Bieber's Fame: Diminish or Grow?
Now that the 16-year-old Bieber appears to be in an intimate relationship with the 18-year-old Gomez, this after both denied it, his numbers may decrease as there has been negative reaction from his fans. But like Gaga, who has a new album, Born This Way, coming out May 23, Bieber is also constantly keeping himself in the news with releases, appearances and tweets.

The Canadian singer and celebrity, who lead the world in most Youtube views in 2010, also has a major release upcoming, a 3D documentary called Never Say Never that was directed by John Chu and that comes out on Valentine's Day, February 14 2011.


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