Monday, January 10, 2011

Justin Bieber Pictures – Somebody to Love

Teenage girls of the 50s swooned to the swaying pelvis of Elvis Presley.  In the 70s, David Cassidy won the fantasies of his fans with his song ‘I Think I Love You.’ Forty years later, with a characteristic flip of his hair, Justin Bieber has also made the swift climb to the throne of teen idol.Justin Bieber Pictures are popular with young girls.

Born in 1994, Bieber’s musical involvement and talent seem innate, as he taught himself how to play the piano, trumpet, guitar, and drums early on in his life.  After a second-place finish in a singing competition in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario, his mother, Pattie Mallette, uploaded his performance to YouTube, where she subsequently continued to post videos of Bieber’s covers of various R&B songs. 

In 2007, talent manager Scooter Braun discovered Bieber’s videos and arranged for Bieber to fly down to Atlanta, Georgia to record demo tapes.  Following an audition for R&B singer Usher, Bieber was soon signed to Island Records of Island Def Jam Music Group.  Before long, the talented youth found instant stardom with his debut single, ‘One Time.’ His prominence maintained its upsurge with the release of both his solo album My World and his most successful single yet, ‘Baby,’ for which he received several award nominations.

As his popularity rises, the general media have seen a corresponding influx of Justin Bieber pictures, stories, and videos, especially the music video for his song, ‘Baby,’ which is the most viewed video on YouTube as of January 2011 with over 400 million views, according to technology blog ReadWriteWeb.  As a matter of fact, the teenage musical prodigy has garnered such prestige among his mostly female fans that crowd management at his concerts has become a major issue. 

Yet in spite of his seemingly immediate success and publicity, Bieber’s image has been the subject of great criticism and mockery, often in the form of extensive pranks.  Due in part to his unusually high voice and apparent lack of manly traits, many rumours and practical jokes have been generated and spread online, ranging from Justin Bieber pictures being altered into pornographic photos, to false reports that the teen star had died.  In fact, an online movement begun by the notorious message board 4chan went so far as to successfully vote North Korea as the bonus country for Bieber’s premiere global concert tour, though ultimately North Korea was not added to the tour. 

Even in the face of this tasteless mischief mixed with the suddenness of his fame, Bieber has been able to manage himself well with a composure not often customary of his age group.  Though certainly artificially moulded to appeal to the crowd, Bieber remains a truly passionate musician within, writing in a Twitter message, ‘At the end of the day I want you all to enjoy the music.’ Indeed, much as he sings of needing ‘Somebody to Love,’ perhaps Bieber himself is someone we all should love – an innocent boy caught up in the complications of stardom.Brace for new Justin Bieber Pictures in the coming months.


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