Monday, January 10, 2011

Justin Bieber Pictures – Here to stay or passing fancy?

The music industry is one where longevity of popularity can only ever be guessed at and certainly never taken for granted. Whereas previous decades can almost be defined by the music styles, since the mid to late nineties there is a huge diversity of genres featuring in record charts.  What might be the flavour one month is ignored the next , only to resurface a short time later. It seems it is no longer necessary to be labelled in a particular niche and success is available to anyone with a musical ambition.  Acts with wide appeal are not common. Whilst an individual song might become a favourite of mums and dads, teenagers and children alike, it is unusual to find an artist whose entire catalogue is enjoyed across all generations. One such artist is Justin Bieber and you really can’t have failed to have seen Justin Bieber pictures everywhere this past year.

Justin Bieber was one of the sensations of 2010. Justin is a 16 year old from Canada who does have that mass appeal . He has a legion of adoring teenage fans; Justin Bieber pictures show him to be a good looking , nice clean cut boy with a hint of a wicked grin. His age and cute looks makes mums just want to hug him and as for the rest of the music buying market he simply makes good songs that make us want to listen to him. There is little to offend us and there’s always a market for middle of the road pop. 

It may seem harsh to put him in this niche. Middle of the road music is basically the category where we put tunes that don’t really fit any genre. Because the range and depth of this sort of music and the sheer quantity available having a long career is an achievement. Justin has already demonstrated an intention that he’s here to stay. Having already had a host of hits in over 30 countries including platinum sales in the US And UK he capped a fantastic rise to fame by winning 4 categories at the 2010 American Music Awards, 2 MTV Europe Awards, 4 Teen Choice Awards and has been nominated for 2 Grammies for the 2011 awards.

Despite his brilliant success so far he’s a long way to go but he seems to be backed by a powerful management. Whether the impetus comes from himself or his advisors we are already seeing Justin involving himself in projects other than his own music. He appeared on the X Factor (UK) and also on Saturday Night Live in the US. Both iconic TV shows in their own right. He plays himself in the autobiographical movie Never Say Never which goes on general release in 2011. 

The jury may still be out on how long his purple patch will last but it is likely that teenage fans will be posting Justin Bieber pictures on their walls, using him as a screensaver and screaming at his TV appearances for a while yet.

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