Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Taio Cruz is writing music for Bieber!

R&B singer and song writer Taio Cruz told MTV News that he is currently writing for a younger audience-Justin Bieber fans. Taio is planning on keeping it more pop than R&B for him. You can catch what he had to say at the video in the bottom of this post.

I have no idea on who Taio Cruz is really, I might have heard of him once or twice. I suppose he is gaining more attention now than he has in the past. I cannot wait to hear the song he writes for Justin!

Are you excited for this news? Do you think Taio will write some really good music for Justin? I wonder if Justin is aiming for an R&B sound than with his debut album? I get a feeling that Justin may try to grow up with his newer music, but I wonder how this will go for him. Granted, most pop male artists are able to do this without any issues-yet so many of Justin’s fans love his teeny bopper sound.


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