Monday, December 6, 2010

Justin Meets Hayley!

Hayley Okines who suffers from an extremely rare genetic condition called Hutchinson Gilford Progeria Syndrome, also known as HGPS or Progeria. At present there are 53 known cases of Progeria around the world and only 2 in the UK, which is where we live. Progeria is a progressive terminal condition which mimics many of the characteristics of the normal ageing process, but faster...a lot faster...about 8 times faster in fact! A 10 year old progeria child will have the appearance of an octogenerian with symptoms including baldness, arthritis and heart problems...but with the mind of a 10 year old!

"this is when we first saw eachother in the lobby after THE SCREAM! :) thanks for introducing us. she is a sweet g"

"@BiebsmeetHayley like i said...u and the fans did a good thing. glad i could help"

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