Friday, December 10, 2010

Justin Bieber's Tourmate Tells All

What did you expect -- chess matches and intense political debates? Singer Jeremy Greene says life on the road as an opening act for Justin Bieber is a big old party, complete with Segways, water guns and practical jokes. But he's also blown away with the 16-year-old pop sensation's sheer talent.

US: So what's it like backstage before the show? Like how long do rehearsals usually take for you and Justin? Do you guys ever rehearse together or is it always separate?

JG: No, everybody does their own separate rehearsals. I am sure Justin always kind of rehearses first and then Sean and the openers kind of do their thing. It's kind of like the totem pole. When you get to Justin's level he kind of does what he needs done and everybody else gets their pick of times. The kid is super talented it's ridiculous! It's just ridiculous that he's that young and that talented but that goes to show you he's a star. Legitimately a star.

US: What impresses you most about him?

JG: Kids needed a Justin Bieber, because the Jonas Brothers weren't it. Realistically, they had their time and now its done and over with. But what's make Justin so dope is that he has like an urban vibe. He plays the drums and plays all these instruments. He is a star, and you cant really mold a star...Justin Bieber is star, Justin Timberlake is a star, Beyonce is a star. Those type of people are stars and born that way. I think the kid came out of the womb with a microphone.

US: And do you guys hang out a lot?

JG: Well, I haven't got a chance to get out there with them yet. I am heading out on December 9th but everyone is telling me to pack up water guns.

US: Uh oh. Yeah, I heard he is a prankster.

JG: Yeah. Everyone is like 'get water guns and lock your tour bus.' So yeah. I am just excited. The whole thing is going to be really sick and a lot of fun. We've done a bunch of shows with him so far and it's just been insane.

US: I hear there is a lot of Segway action going on backstage?

JG: Yeah.. the kid has a Segway yeah. Kid drives around on a Segway. Everyone is telling me there is like 30 Segways back there.

US: I was going to ask you how many were back there and do you plan on riding them too?
JG: Absolutely not. Sounds like a hazard.

US: What can you tell us about Justin that fans don't already know about him? What would we be completely surprised about this kid that we have no idea?

JG: The kids got a book! He was on Skype talking to fans, he does that stuff. He's just a likable person. He puts his business out there. I do the same thing though, It's bad. When I am broken up with my girlfriend or she does something bad I put it up on Facebook, I am ridiculous. I just feel like someone is listening.

US: How often has Usher has popped up on tour?

JG: I think he has been out there like 3 or 4 times.

US: What's that like? What is he like to be around?

JG: I haven't really had a chance to be around Usher because he dips in... dips out. Like, Justin's camp kind of keeps to themselves.

US: Are there snack foods that are always backstage?
JG: They have five chefs out on this tour. That's the best part. It's like gourmet food too. There is all kinds of food everywhere. It's like, if Jesus was a buffet he'd be on Justin Bieber's tour.


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