Saturday, December 4, 2010

Justin Bieber On Twitter - Top 140 For Most Twitter Followers

If anyone out there thinks that Justin Bieber has a small Twitter following, think again. Justin Bieber already has over six million Twitter followers, which is way more than many top Hollywood celebrities. Lady Gaga has a million more followers, but Justin may just catch up to her, because there are a lot of Twitter users who have Bieber Fever! Bieber is getting around 11,000 new Twitter followers each day and he's in the top 140 of worldwide Twitter users. 
You can follow Justin Bieber here on and be the first to find out what the star is doing. (Right now he's on a world tour). Don't forget that you can get Twitter updates directly to your cell phone so you can see Justin Bieber's latest Tweets wherever you happen to be.

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