Thursday, November 18, 2010

OK. At This Point Justin Bieber Really Needs A Nerd Glasses Intervention

Dear Justin Bieber,

We're writing this letter because we love you and we care about you, and we're fans. But we need to talk about your nerd glasses. At first, we understood. Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z were doing it. Everyone was doing it...

And besides, you're young. You can't be blamed for what comes into style and what doesn't. But you kept persisting, wearing them even when you obviously didn't need them. (Except maybe in the case of walking into revolving doors.)

So now it's time to say something. It's gone too far. It's time to have a nerd glasses intervention.

We tried to make this more subtle, hoping you'd pick up on the changing public opinion. But now we're going to be explicit: Those glasses are silly, and they are too big for your still-growing head! Jay-Z? He can wear them because he's Jay-Z and nobody is going to tell him what to do and because he's older than you and might very well need glasses.

But you? You're young? You're leaping around in 3-D. It's your world! So isn't it time you saw your world through honest eyes? And not behind the giant, blocky, prescription-free lenses of your silly nerd glasses?

We think it is.

Yours always,



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