Friday, November 26, 2010

Meet The Stylist Behind Justin Bieber's Hair!

Ok....everybody freak out, because I've got the scoop on Justin Bieber's fever-inducing mane, straight from the source. Vanessa Price, the creator of his famously floppy, swoopy, shaggy bowl (which is now covering more than one famous head) checked in with us about what it's like to work with the Bieber himself. I had to really restrain myself from asking what his hair feels like (probably spun gold and bunny fur), or if his eyes sparkle magically in real life (probably they do), and a million other questions for the benefit of you crazed Bieber fans, but still I got some good insight!

How long have you been working with Justin?
I met Justin about a year ago, when we were shooting the artwork for his first album, My World. It's been a whirlwind ever since!

What do you guys listen to when you're working together?
When I'm cutting Justin's hair we usually have some music in the background, but I prefer it when he sings to me!

What's it like working with him?
Justin and I always have a lot of fun. He always has a clear idea of what he wants, and I get to execute it and make it look better. It's always been a collaborative project.

Why do you think Justin's hair has become such a "thing"? People are obsessed!
I don't know why people become obsessed with something like a hairstyle! I think it's more about the entire package. He's so handsome, and such a talented young man, so who wouldn't want to look like him! Oh, and the swagger. He's got swagger.

What products do you use in his hair?
Believe it or not, I never use any product in Justin's hair. It just doesn't need it! But for guys wanting to get his look, I might suggest using a texturizer with shine, like Davines' Defining Texturizer or their No. 1 Finest Oil Non-Oil.


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