Thursday, November 18, 2010

Justin Bieber has diagnosed himself with a disease!

Justin Bieber, the Canadian singing sensation, suffers from a disease that speaks highly of his impishness. No! There is not much wrong with your favorite star but he has diagnosed himself with ADD.

ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder and Justin has revealed that he seemingly suffers from it. That speaks for his lack of attentiveness while he is studying (of course, he also needs to take academic lessons).

Justin discloses that he has to spend close to three hours daily for perking up his academic skills. But he tends to drift off mid-way and often needs a break to get back his mind into books. His teacher, while teaching him a plethora of subjects, often strays away to boring lectures which instantly triggers attention deficit in our holy singer.

However, the teacher handles his ADD by giving him a 5-10 minutes break every hour so that he can get his focus back which he successfully does. So, that’s another side of Justin Bieber that you witnessed today. And we promise to bring back more of him in some other article. Just keep checking out this space.


Whaaaat~ Everyone has ADD!
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