Friday, November 26, 2010

Hard-working Justin Bieber is busy promoting

It might be a national holiday, but Justin Bieber didn't build up his empire by relaxing.
As teenagers around the U.S. hit the malls and relaxed in front of the Thanksiving television, the 16-year-old pop sensation was hard at work.
The young performer was on NBC's The Today Show to promote several new accomplishments.

With an eye to building up his fortune, the business-minded teen has begun to expand his reach beyond his singing career with a new autobiography, a new set of Bieber headphones and even a range of nail polishes.
Talking about how he is adapting to his recent fame he said: 'My family and I are just taking one step at a time. It's just been amazing.'

He told the host that despite his success he has no intention of slowing down.
'I see myself doing this for a long time,' he said.

But there was one subject which turned Bieber silent - his love life.When quizzed over any girlfriends the pop star laughed and joked, 'Er, Can I pass?'He was recently spotted kissing fellow singer Jasmine Vallegas, who is also his warm up act on tour. 
And according to internet stories, he spent Thanksgiving with fellow teen star Selena Gomez.

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