Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brittny Gastineau not pregnant with Justin Bieber's baby

Brittny Gastineau not pregnant with Justin Bieber's baby
Sometimes the lines get crossed.
News surfaced today that Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps is now dating socialite Brittny Gastineau.
News also surfaced today about Justin Bieber's dad - not that Justin Bieber is about to become a dad with girfriend Brittny Gastineau.
Did someone's signals really get crossed within the celebrity rumor mill, or is this headline eploding across the blogosphere just another invented story designed to get attention for a few minutes until the next exaggerated tale turns up?
Either way, all we know for certain is that Justin Bieber and Brittny Gastineau are not a couple and they certainly are not  expecting a child together.
Other recent Justin Bieber rumors (seriously):
Justin Bieber is really 51 years old
Justin Bieber is Michael Jackson's son
Justin Bieber hooked up with Betty White
Justin Bieber has died (over 900 times)
Justin Bieber is really a girl
Justin Bieber had a testicle removed
Need I continue?

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