Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bieber pitch! Teen crooner plays Hub

Bieber pitch! Teen crooner plays Hub
Bieware! Biebermania is taking over Boston today, as famously toss-coiffed Justin Bieber blows into town for his sold-out concert at the TD Garden.

“The girls go nuts! They scream, they faint, they cry,” said five-time Bieber concert goer Jenna Isaacson, 15, of Beacon Hill. She won’t do any of that, though. “I want him to notice me for who I am, in a good way.”

Bieber crowds have gotten so out of hand that his appearances have been canceled at least twice over safety concerns.

TD Garden spokeswoman Tricia McCorkle declined to comment about special security measures for the throngs of eager Biebers, only saying security would be “typical.” But she acknowledged, “This is one of our loudest shows. It’s those teeny-bopper screams when he comes out.”

Bieber was living in a small town in Canada when an Atlanta-based agent discovered him on YouTube. This March, less than three years later and now 16, he skyrocketed to the top of Billboard with his first full album—the youngest solo male artist to do so since Stevie Wonder.

Sabrena Messier is being driven in from Connecticut to turn 14 at the concert tonight.

“Most of my friends think that I’m a little too obsessed because that’s what I talk about, and I wear ‘Sabrena Bieber’ shirts,” Messier said. She has a “Sabrena is Bieber’s bride” sweatshirt and bridal veil for tonight. “I’m kind of proud of it, because I really do love Justin Bieber. I think he’s great.”

She got a close-up glimpse of her Biebthrob last year in Providence, where the shoving got so bad, she said, some fans went home injured.

“We were waiting in line for a long time in the cold and his car pulled up and we heard screaming and then we looked over and he got out of his car with his mom,” she said. “I haven’t been the same since.”

“I saw him and realized he was real and it wasn’t computers making his voice sound like that. It really made me a believer,” she added.

“I Tweet at him every day. .... If he wrote back, I would cry. I would freak out.”

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