Sunday, November 28, 2010

Beyonce Divorce Rumor Lit up Twitter

Beyonce Divorce Rumor Lit up Twitter- A prank by Justin Bieber regarding his hair cut gave way to a Twitter rumor that Beyonce is getting divorced.

It was actually a prank from Bieber, known for his signature shaggy hair, gone wrong. Bieber took to Twitter, telling his fans that he has cut his hair for his girlfriend.

This news seemed panicking to some of his die- hard fans, and may be too panicking to a particular fan, who became ambitious enough retaliate it.

Beyonce divorce rumor was started by @Bieber Team NY as a joke on Bieber, who has admitted to have a crush on Beyonce.

The tweet that followed is “RT this if you want to prank the #prankster #beyonce got divorced.” This line which was tweeted as a joke received 100+ RTs.

Now when the situation has become quite critical, the fan claims that it was an attempt just to make Justin Prank back, thinking that he would get excited if he saw it because he loves Beyonce.

It was not intended to disrespect divorced people or to offend anyone.


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