Saturday, October 2, 2010

What Does Justin Bieber Demand on Tour?

Being on the road and away from home can be hard for Justin Bieber, so in his rider -- a fancy word for what Justin needs in his dressing room -- has all Justin needs to get in the zone to put on a great show.

The rider includes:
-12 pack of Vitamin Water
-12 pack of bottle water
-1 bag of potato chips
-1 jar of mixed nuts
-1 deli platter
-1 fruit platter
-1 vegetable platter
-1 large package of Swedish Fish or Big Foots (in Canada)
-1 package of men's white lo-rise socks size XS
-Assorted sizes of white mens crew neck t-shirts
-Assorted herbal teas
-1 full length mirror
-A private bathroom

Not too many demands, right?!

What else do you think Justin should have on his rider?


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