Monday, October 25, 2010

Lady Gaga vs. Justin Bieber, Who’s Rocks YouTube?

Ah! The popularity of these two on YouTube is beastly, and where else does it really matter? With an already whopping following of over 6.5 million on Twitter, 21.2 million on Facebook, it wouldn’t have been a more better occasion for Lady Gaga to announce that her videos have "reached 1 Billion views on youtube little monsters!"

Coming to Justin Bieber, he always seems to closely follow Gaga with 5.8+ million followers on Twitter, just over 14 million on Facebook (fell way back here) and above all 963,369,142 total (all) video upload views, and still rocking with "Baby" as the most viewed video on YouTube ever – with 365,639,378 at the time of writing this article. Lady Gaga is only next, with her "Bad Romance" grabbing 296,622,129 views.

Who’s popular? We should consider – total video views, subscriber count and video likes and dislikes as well! Correct? So let’s check that out…

  • TOTAL VIDEO VIEWS. Justin Bieber – 963,369,142 views for 13 videos in all. Lady Gaga – 1,000,615,645 views for 20 videos.
  • SUBSCRIBERS. Justin Bieber – 314,232 (on YouTube since Sept. 25, 2009). Lady Gaga – 276,512 (since May 11, 2009 – - senior!)
  • TOTAL LIKES/DISLIKES. Justin Bieber – 1,172,547 likes, 967,601 dislikes & 45% dislikes of total ratings. Lady Gaga – 946,171 likes, 161,345 dislikes & 14% dislikes.
VERDICT: We are not talking about ratios or how long they have been. We’re talking about who’s popular now, at this time and seemingly, it’s LADY GAGA!


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