Friday, October 22, 2010

Justin Bieber’s Nail Polish Collection Designed by YOU, the Bieber Fans, NOT Justin Himself!

An inside source in the know says he’s not really designing the polish (and, NO, he doesn’t wear any) but it’s all for a great cause!

You’ve heard all the news about Justin Bieber’s new nail polish line, that’s the singer has designed nail polish hues named after some of his biggest hits? But has Justin really designed a whole collection of nail polishes? A source says baby, baby, baby NO.

Our reporter Jessica recently talked to a source close to the Bieber camp, who commented on the nail polishes. “Justin isn’t designing nail polish. Pencils for Promise is an initiative that plans to build over one hundred schools in the next year. The owner (of beauty brand Nicole) teamed up with the Biebs and asked the FANS to design nail polish inspired by Justin. So all the money goes to help kids, and that’s great because it helps with the initiative. He is also sending a part of his proceeds from the second leg of his tour to go to the charity and help it build one hundred schools.”

What about those rumors that the teen heartthrob is using the nail polishes? “Justin doesn’t use nail polish. The dude (Bieber) doesn’t wear nail polish and he doesn’t sit in his room making colors. He doesn’t wear nail polish!”

Doesn’t Justin sound like a sweetie? What do you think, BFFs? Will you be going out to buy Justin’s fabulous nail polishes when they hit stores in December?


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