Friday, October 22, 2010

Justin Bieber Losing Conan Contest

Conan O'Brien's show on TBS premieres on November 8, and he's leaving it up to his fans to decide who is first guest is. And the reason we care about this? Justin Bieber is on the list. But it's not looking good for Justin's fans. At the time of this blog, had only garnered a pitiful 87 votes and out of all 12 possibilities, which include famous figures from Lady Gaga to the Pope, Justin is currently dead last.

Weak Beliebers. Weak.

We think a Justin cameo would be hilarious due to the funny tweets he and Conan exchanged eary this year.

Justin will be in St. Louis, Missouri on November 8 for a concert stop on his My World 2.0 tour, so it seems unlikely that, if he wins, he would appear on Conan's show, which tapes in Los Angeles, California, in person. It would probably have to be over Skype.

Is this just a case of Justin's fans not knowing about this yet or do his fans not want to see him on the show? Click here to vote if you want him to be on the show.


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