Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Dolls!

Oh, man, Santa Claus is gonna need an extra sled just to hold all these Justin Bieber dolls. Just in time for the holidays, these authentic Justin Bieber Dolls are about to be living under almost every Christmas tree in America.
Designed by Bravado, these dolls come in two different categories. You can either get a "Style Collection," which is pretty much Justin looking like a swagged out boss or the "Music Video Collection Singing Figures" which actually sing songs by the Biebs. I don't know why you'd need the singing version, though. You'll probably be screaming so loud (with utter joy) you won't be able to hear it.
So far we've seen images of two of the dolls; the above, singer-songwriter, let-me-get-your-scarf-for-you kind and this one...

...the swagged out, all-black-everything model.
Add these toy dolls to the ever-growing merchandising empire surrounding Justin Bieber. Resistance is futile. Whether you've been naughty or nice, you'll probably want these come holiday season. The Justin Bieber doll is expected to hit stores in early December. I'd get on line now, if I were you.


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