Sunday, September 19, 2010

Non-Beliebers Think Justin Bieber Should Be In Jail

Justin Bieber should have spent the night in jail after his recent brush with the law, JSYK readers say. After we posted a story about the 16-year-old pop star hitting a police officer with a water balloon, Beliebers and non-Beliebers alike became vocal about their opinions and took the time to weigh in on the situation.

As you may recall, the Canadian singer walked away scot-free after his bodyguard convinced an angry state trooper to not arrest Justin for soaking him below the belt with a loaded balloon. However, when we posted a poll asking whether he should have been taken away in handcuffs, the majority of you said yes.

Although it was a close one, over 48 percent of you said Justin should have been arrested, and if weren't for his celeb status, he probably would have been. "So if I hit an state trooper with a water balloon I'd go to jail, but since he's a teen pop sensation he gets let off the hook?" JSYK reader LittleKing97 commented. "See how Hollywood works?"

"He threw a water balloon at a cop, not just any cop A STATE TROOPER," reader Mike wrote. "Anybody else would have had their salad tossed and arrested. All he has to do is flash that smile at the top of the page and say, 'woops my mistake,' and he gets off easy. Thats bull. That cop shoulda took him away."

Still, a little over 42 percent of you didn't think the incident was a big deal, showing that Beliebers believe it played out just the way it should have. "It was a prank! Come on!" Gibbs4Gabb wrote. "And it was on accident he didnt mean 2 do it 2 a cop! That's stupid."

But, there's still a small percentage of you that hasn't been swayed either way. Ten percent of voters said they're still on the fence about it, even though most of our commenters voices a definitive opinion. Now that its been a few days, where do you stand? Have any of you changed your stance on the matter?


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