Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lea Michele wants Bieber on Glee!

Glee star Lea Michele knows who she wants the show’s next guest star to be—Justin Bieber!

In a recent interview with E! Online, Michele talked about the possibility of the Biebs appearing. "I don't know about Justin Bieber coming on the show, but he would be awesome.”

What’s perfect is that Justin is at the age to be able to play a student too! We’re thinking new freshman transfer who happens to have killer pipes??

While we sit and hope for the Bieber guest appearance, Lea also had other great Glee news. She said “But I will tell you this—breaking news from Lea Michele!—we have an Academy Award winner coming on ‘Glee’ in the next few episodes that is not Justin Bieber."

Who could it be?? We’ll have to use our investigative skills to find out. Perhaps she’s talking about Javier Bardem, who is appearing on the show this season. Michele said she’s upset her character isn’t lucky enough to have a love scene with him.

"I know the storyline and it's not with me,” Lea said. “Maybe I'll be like, 'Don't I look like Penelope Cruz? Hey, It's me—I'm Penelope.' "

Good luck with that Lea!


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