Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Justin Bieber to Launch Home Line

What's next for the design world: Justin Bieber home. We imagine a focus group for the products.

When we heard about the upcoming Justin Bieber home line we knew immediately that it was destined to be a huge hit. With fans like his, how could he fail? So we thought we'd have a little bit of fun -- imagining what a focus group for the Justin Bieber home line might sound like.

Focus group director: Thank you everyone for coming to the Justin Bieber home line focus group. Lady Sandra Home Fashions is creating bed, bath and beach products with teen star Justin Bieber. The five of you represent Justin Bieber fans of all ages. You are here today to give us your feedback and opinions on the proposed goods. So we'll just start with some questions. What kind of colors would you like to see in a Justin Bieber bedroom set?

6-year-old girl: PINK! With sparkles!

24-year-old woman: I don't think the color is really going to matter if it has Justin Bieber's face all over it. Who would want that?

15-year-old boy: I would go with something masculine. Justin seems like a guy's guy and I don't think he'd appreciate anything too girly.

60-year-old-woman: Justin's favorite color is purple. He's definitely photographed wearing purple most often. Although he does wear blue from time to time.

Focus group director: What kind of products would you like included in the bathroom category?

15- year-old boy: A toothbrush that plays the song Baby while you're brushing. That way you know how long to brush. That would be cool.

6-year-old girl: Bieber bath toys!

24-year-old woman: No one else thinks it's weird to have a 15-year-old boy's picture all over your bathroom?

60-year-old woman: Yeah you're right, but Justin is 16. I think you should have Justin shower curtains. Preferably one of the photos from the February issue of J-14 magazine.

Focus group director: What kind of Justin would you like to see portrayed in the line? "Rock Star Justin," "Laid Back Justin," or "Dreamy Justin"?

6-year-old girl: I like Justin.

15-year-old boy: I'd like "Rock Star Justin". But then again, "Laid Back Justin" would be cool, too. Which one do girls like better?

60-year-old woman: Oh, I just can't choose! Is there a way to have all three Justins on one bed spread? Ooh, I also have some other suggestions. "Hair Flip Justin" and "Pirated-Screen-Shot-of-Upcoming-Episodes-of-CSI-Justin".

24-year-old woman: ....Wow.

Focus group director: If you were to choose one Justin Bieber song to design a room around, which would it be and why?

15-year-old boy: U Smile, because he wrote U instead of you, and that really speaks to my generation.

24-year-old woman: Well, the only Justin Bieber song I know is Baby, so I guess I'll go with that one.

60-year-old woman: This is a hard question. I guess I'd have to go with Where Are You Now. You know, the Walmart, Australia and Japan bonus track off of My World 2.0.

Focus group director: Well, thank you all so much for coming. With all of your help I'm sure Justin Bieber will become a design legend, up there with Albert Hadley and George Nakashima!

Everyone: Who?

Focus group director: Oh, well, they're like the Usher and Justin Timberlake of design.

60-year-old woman: Ha! So passé.


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