Monday, September 27, 2010

Jimmy Fallon Channels Justin Bieber

Jimmy Fallon, master impersonator, has struck again!

The Late Night With Jimmy Fallon host, who captivated the world with his Robert Pattinson impression, has now applied his chameleon-like powers to channeling "Baby" singer Justin Bieber.

Fallon tweeted a picture of himself all Bieber-ed out last night, along with a crack about the Bieb-ster's CSI performance:

"Justin Bieber made his acting debut on CSI. In the episode, Justin is forced to investigate a very suspicious arrival—pubes."

Ooooh—low blow, Fallon!

But let's set that unpleasantness aside for a moment. Who rocks the Bieber look better, Justin or Jimmy? Have your say in the comments section.


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