Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Justin Bieber takes Estrogen Pills

Justin Bieber takes Estrogen Pills pictureJustin Bieber takes Estrogen Pills - Another Justin Bieber news hit the web and the hotness is now on fire. But where is this Justin Bieber takes Estrogen Pills started? I’ve been googling for awhile and I can’t find good source of information about Justin Bieber takes Estrogen Pills. Does Justin Bieber takes estrogen pills? Nah! I don’t think so.

Well, after Justin Bieber spent his time on the talk show host Chelsea Handler four months ago, and planning their first date in his brand new Range Rover. By the way, the Range Rover is a birthday present from mentor and manager Usher. Chelsea Handler asked Justin Bieber if he was dating a Kardashian sister and Justin told her,

“Well, Kim Kardashian tweeted: “I think Justin Bieber should date my sister”. “But I think I should date her” says Justin Bieber as the crowd laughed and hollered. Chelsea Handler then asked him how he was handling all his success and he said: “I feel like I am just having a blast…I have the best fans in the world…this is all a blessing”.

I guess this is why Justin Bieber takes Estrogen Pills and other nasty rumors hit the web, because he is flirty and hilarious.

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