Thursday, July 22, 2010

Justin Bieber News : Justin Bieber Converts to Scientology ?

justin bieberJustin Bieber News : There was a rumor spreading that Justin Bieber has converted to Scientology. But now, it has been confirmed that news which came up on CNN and Fox News was actually a rumor.

Sources say that no one has seen Justin Bieber visiting the celebrity center of Scientology Church in Los Angeles. And no one has observed his contact with any celebrity Scientologists such as JennaElfman, Tom Cruise,John Travolta and Kelly Preston.

The Sources close to Justin say, not to believe the rumors. They confirmed that Justin Bieber has not joined with the Church of Scientology.

Justin Drew Bieber is a Canadian pop singer. Justin’s debut single ‘One Time’ has released in 2009 and was one in the top 30 in ten countries. In July 2010 it was reported that Justin is the most searched celebrity on the internet. In the same month of July 2010, his music video ‘Baby’ has impressed his lady fans, Justin album ‘Bad Romance’ has became most viewed You Tube video. Justin is preparing to release his next album in 2011.

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