Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Justin Bieber being bullied on the Internet

Justin Bieber might not go to regular school but that does not make the teenager’s life uninteresting, devoid of the teenage fun. However, this time he has become the joke as someone else have decided to play the pranks on the singer his time, online. Had he been a regular student of a school, most likely, someone would have stuck a “Kick Me” sign on his back, but since the kid is inaccessible, that someone has taken the virtual road to make the trick.

The report is that someone has hacked into Bieber’s YouTube videos and has put on the banner saying Justin Bieber is “dead”. So just like a school’s headmaster who steps in to take control over such shenanigans, this time it is Google who had to step in to stop that someone or people from picking on the 16year old Canadian singer.

Google the owners of YouTube has resolved the issue on the other hand Justin took to his favourite place Twitter to convey that he has been doing fine and very much alive. We wonder, who these people are who’ve dared to play this prank on Justin in spite of knowing the kind of fans that Bieber has.

The ‘Beliebers’ are known to issue death threats to anyone whom they doesn’t like or doesn’t’ think is appropriate for the singing sensation. Be it 29year old Kim Kardashian who just had an e-fling with Bieber or a software developer who invented a plug-in that would stop the ads of Justin’s to appear on screen when installed.

We think these people who had the guts to paly the prank did take into consideration what will happen if Justin’s fans find out who they are.

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